no man's land : Comments

  • Very poignant and an
    excellent use of a great space.
  • A wonderful exhibition –
    ‘Hope’ a kind of miracle.
  • A lovely exhibition
    and wonderfully creative
    – impressive.
  • Topical and
    thought provoking.
  • Very moving.
  • The art works
    were dramatic.
  • Thought provoking work
    and interesting resonances.
  • I loved
    the exhibition.
  • I loved the art
    – especially ‘Fallen Angel’.
  • Thought provoking art
    and a serene installation
    in a lovely venue.
  • A beautiful venue
    and meaningful art.
  • A most moving
    exhibition in this
    ancient church.
  • A brilliant exhibition.
  • Savage.
  • A very moving
    exhibition in a very
    beautiful place.
  • Fabulous pieces
    of art.